New release coming soon!

Fabulous news! Jennifer Loiske’s new short story, AT 6 A.M., will be released within the next few weeks. But that’s not all, we are pleased to tell you that the amazing Maria Lazarou has joined our team and will be editing and proofreading the new story.

AT 6 A.M. (kopio)


She didn’t believe in gorgeous mysterious guys who just happened to pop out of nowhere. Not when they were everything she’d daydreamed, and certainly not when they were some out-of-this-world, ridiculously handsome strangers. At least not before she met Dagon. A boy who rocked her world, literally, and made her question everything she used to believe was true.

Somehow Lillian’s holiday trip turned into the most exciting thing in her life instead of long, lonely walks on the beach whilst her so called spoiled friends were partying in Miami’s best nightclubs. Yet if she ever told a soul what happened to her, no-one would believe. No-one. As in a real-life demons did not appear from the sea, nor would they defy all odds just for a chance to kiss you…

Whilst waiting be sure to check out Jennifer’s other books here!

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Redemption; final coverRedemption

Part 3 in Blood Hunters series

Time is a funny thing. You can fool it with spells and tricks but eventually it will catch up with you no matter what you do…

Can Sam survive this final challenge even though all odds are against her? And if she survives, can she bear the price she must pay for her freedom?

Purchase a copy here!

What readers say about Redemption:

5***** Loved it!

I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Loiske since I picked up a copy of Club Number Five (Immortal Blood Series) which introduced me to Samantha and her crazy life. As I read Redemption (Blood Hunters Series), I felt like I’ve watched her grow up so much since that first book.

Curiosity started Sams crazy journey, and Redemption still showcases her youth as she struggles to hold onto who she is, even as she watches loved ones suffer.

J Loiske does a wonderful job of making you want to cry and shout, even as she makes you laugh. My emotions definitely ran the gamut thru out all of Sams books, and I hope to continue to read more (hint, hint), even though I know Redemption is supposed to end this series.

So, if you like books that grab and hold your attention, books that make you keep guessing what’s going to happen next, and books that are well written and flow seamlessly, definitely pick up Redemption!


“We didn’t need flashlights or anything, as we can see perfectly in the dark. Being a creature of the night sure has its perks.”

Redemption by Jennifer Loiske is an adventurous ride into the scary abyss. Samantha and the other cast of characters always manage to send shockwaves as their adventures unravel.
This paranormal series reads true yet the twists and the unusual occurrences caught me by surprise.

The author’s storytelling is enchanting, mesmerizing and unpredictable. There is a youthful quality that reminds me of being young and naive. I love the ease in which she tells a fictional story making the words on the page fly.

This was an exceptional addition to the Blood Hunter series. An ending I am sad to see coming though I am sure there is much more up her sleeve as her imagination tops the charts. And I don’t see the characters going away for good anytime soon.

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Merry Christmas…

…and a Happy New Year 2018! Thank you all for the year 2017. It’s been a good year for us. A lot of new things has happened. Jennifer Loiske’s new book, Redemption, was published, new people were hired to the team (Welcome Brian, Felice and Janice!) and a book signing tour in England for the summer 2019 was booked.


As always, Rogue House donated a huge part of the royalties to the charity. Toys, books and games for children (hospitals, kindergartens) and money to the cancer research. Thank you! Without you, the donations could never happen! In return we want to give you something as well. All of Jennifer Loiske’s vampire books are FREE today and tomorrow! So be fast and download them all before the price goes up again. Go to Amazon here.

Whatever I thought I was, he was more. Always faster, stronger and, sad to admit, much wilier than me. So whatever rebellious thoughts were inside my head I needed to put them aside a


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Will Black Diamond be on the podium this year?

Maybe…but it will need your help to get there! You nominated it as a Reader’s Choice on TCK’s competition, so now it needs your help to get on the podium.

If you want to vote for BLACK DIAMOND, here’s the link. It’s on page 12, category YA & Middle Grade.

If you’re still unsure why it should be on the podium, please, click here and see what reviewers say about it.

Black Diamond by Jennifer Loiske is mind candy! Examiner

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Cover Reveal!!!

It’s here! The cover of the final part of the BLOOD HUNTERS series! We are beyond excited! Blurb will follow shortly…

P.S. If you haven’t read the previous parts you can now have the first part FREE by subscribing for Jennifer Loiske’s newsletter! Subscribe here.

Time is a funny thing. You can fool it with spells and tricks but eventually it will catch you up no matter what you do…

Can Sam survive even though all odds are against her? And if she survives can she bear the price she must pay for her freedom?

Redemption; final cover

If you want to start Sam’s story from the very beginning, the story starts here.

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Happy New Year!

63236418 - art 2017 happy new years eve backgroundHappy New Year 2017 and thank you so much for the year 2016! It’s been full of ups and downs, but as always, new year, new tricks, right 🙂


Team Rogue xxx

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Old Blood

OldBlood_cover-3OLD BLOOD (Book 2 of Blood Hunters series for mature young adult readers)

Vampires and witches … not a match made in heaven, but desperate times require desperate actions…

The world of Samantha Green has been turned upside down. Not sure who to trust or what is real and what not, she has to face her worst enemy. A master vampire who seems to have finally found a perfect tool for his diabolical revenge against Sam. However, Sam will not go down easily. Quite the opposite. Even when the master vampire is toying with her, spinning a twisted web, with Ben included in it, she will fight tooth and nail to retain at least the remnants of her sanity, making sure that if she goes down, she goes down kicking and screaming.

Whilst this psychopath is playing puppet master with Sam, Dane, Alex, and Kieran are devastated. Not knowing if Sam is alive or dead, they have to seek help from Kieran’s past. A past he has denied and whose help comes at a price they might not be able to pay.

Can they find Sam in time, or will the master vampire win this deadly lottery where both Sam’s life and soul is in danger? And if they find her, will their lives ever be the same?

You won’t want to miss this fifth installment of Sam’s thrilling adventure!


“What are you doing?”

I stared at him, roughly wiping the tears from my face with my sleeve. How could he not sense the sorrow among us? See the loss of our loved ones?

He arched a brow whilst trying to stuff a piece of bread into his mouth.

“Sam and Ben are missing.” I got up like a cripple. “She’s gone, Kieran.” I leaned on the nearest wall, a well of burning tears clouding my eyes. I was no wuss but I couldn’t help myself.

“You sure?” Kieran nearly choked on the bread in his mouth. He swallowed hard. “I mean, really sure?”

I nodded, spreading my arm helplessly. “Yeah. She’s…” I forced the words out of my mouth. “…she’s gone for good.”

The bottle fell from Kieran’s hand, breaking into hundreds of pieces as it hit the ground. He glanced at Alex but got no response. Alex was still frozen over the remains of his twin’s shirt.

“Maybe she needed a break from us,” Kieran tried, pale as a ghost, “a very long one.”

I gave him a duh-face. Of course she’d needed a break from us, but for six hours? She had gone to the woods to clear her head, to wipe away all the shit that had been thrown at her lately. She’d been put through hell by Meriel, the twins, even by me, so yeah, no wonder she’d wanted out. But this … this was something different. I knew for certain she was not coming back.

“But…” Kieran drilled his bright-blue eyes into me. “I still don’t understand.”

I slammed my fist over my heart and inhaled sharply. “She’s not here anymore, you get it? I can’t feel her no matter how hard I try.” My body slumped and I couldn’t care less that my breakdown was written all over me.

“But…” Kieran said cautiously. “I can.”

My fingers dug into my jeans, crumpling the fabric and tearing through it suddenly. Breathe, I commanded myself. Better my jeans than the boy’s throat. Sam would so not thank me if she came back only to find her pet dead.

“Speak.” Alex had lifted his head and was now staring feverishly at Kieran.

“I can feel her.” Kieran rubbed his hands together awkwardly. “It’s like a faint heartbeat but I’m one hundred per cent sure the slow pull I’m feeling is Sam.”

Alex was on his feet in a blink. “And Ben?”

Kieran shrugged uncomfortably, backing away slowly. There was something deadly in the way Alex moved. Something that promised a slow and violent end to anyone who dared to hurt his twin. Alex’s mouth was merely an inch away from Kieran’s ear, his fangs clearly visible, and a hellfire roaring in his gaze. “Ben?” he hissed through clenched teeth.

Kieran blinked. “I’m sorry.”

Alex slammed his fist on the wall right by Kieran’s head and thundered, “My brother!” He turned his back on Kieran, sinking his hands into his raven-black hair. “I should feel if he’s dead, right?”

I moved between him and Kieran. Just in case.

Purchase a copy of Old Blood here.

Sam’s story starts here.

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