LUCAS has been nominated on SIBA 2016 award!

Lucas (book 2 in Immortal Blood series) by Jennifer Loiske, has been nominated for SIBA 2016 award in horror section! If you have read it and liked it, please, consider voting for it. Each one of the voters get 10 votes, one/day so each vote truly matters! Vote here! Thank you!


It can either destroy you or save you.

He was a ruthless killer who’d killed so many people he had forgotten their faces. She was still a newbie and knew squat about killing, but she was prepared to protect the ones she loved no matter what the cost. When his hands encircled her neck and his fangs pierced her soft flesh, he almost forgot his task. She didn’t. She knew what she had to do to stop him. Even if she had to pay for it with her life.

IBS teaser for Twitter 11

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Cover Reveal!

The cover of OLD BLOOD, part 2 in Blood Hunters series, is finally ready! Not long and the book will be available worldwide! If you haven’t read the previous parts, Immortal Blood series, and Red Hunter (part 1 in Blood Hunters series), you can purchase a copy here.


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Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who voted for the cover of RED HUNTER on Best Book Cover Contest 2016! We came fourth, which is a small victory and we’re happy to take it. We’d also like to thank all bloggers, tweeters and other amazing people who shared the link and helped us to stay on top as long as possible. We couldn’t have done this without you!


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BLACK COVEN paperbacks are here!

Finally we have a room full of paperback copies of BLACK COVEN! We will start posting them tomorrow, so if you have pre-ordered a copy through us, or if you are entitled to get a free copy, you can expect a package in you mailbox quite soon!

The paperbacks are also available now through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and on any bookstore that purchases their products through Ingram.

Purchase a copy:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble


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Competition gets tighter!

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for RED HUNTER on Best Book Cover Contest 2016! RED HUNTER made it to the round two but the competition is far from over. From now on every vote counts even more than before, so if you think RED HUNTER deserves to be on top two, please vote for it!

RED HUNTER is number 3!

You can vote here!



Thank you so much for your support! We appreciate it a lot!

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Every vote matters!

The cover of RED HUNTER has been nominated on Best Book Cover Contest 2016 by Ultimate Fantasy Books! If you think it deserves to be amongst the best, please, take a moment and vote. You only get to vote once, so every vote matters. Thank you to all in advance!

RED HUNTER’s number is 54

You can vote here!

Red Hunter cover; final

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